frau sucht mann mit pferd American Felony seeks to lower recidivism and prison population rates by providing support during their transition to felons making reentry into society and by creating opportunities for alternate choices for children of incarcerated parents. American Felony recognizes that a successful mainstream life is a conscious choice and provides motivation for those involved with the prison system to strive for law-abiding productive lives through education, resources and activism.

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http://bernardisantiques.com/?kosmodrom=la-rencontre-du-troisieme-type-bande-annonce&255=c1 Incarcerated at age 21, Claudine left behind a three-month-old son, college life and a mother struggling to support her daughter through one poor life choice after another. Caught up in dreams of power, control and familial bonds that were fueled by the very movies she wanted to make her career, Claudine succumbed to a life of crime on the streets instead of one in front of the camera.


trading binary options for dummies American Felony advocates that children of the incarcerated are not guilty of the crimes of their parents yet are often saddled with the repercussions of their parent’s choices. American Felony’s COTI program seeks to identify, empower and advocate for children of the incarcerated to help them...


great post to read “Individuals must decide independently to transform themselves into ex-offenders.” Claudine BenArosh can testify to that. Paroled in 2002, Claudine’s path is the epitome of the possibilities for desistance that more felons can realize with programming that facilitates alternative decision making as well as focused support...


rockstar hookup Today, I am making it my mission to share my mistakes with others, and hopefully help prevent others from making my same mistakes. Please check back soon for upcoming events and news.